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We promise that we will get your car looking as good as new again. Our courteous staff is here to make your car wash experience as stress-free and easy as possible.

However, if you have any questions, please feel free to browse through our FAQs and find out more about our facility. You may also contact us at 844-ZIP-THRU.

Zip Thru Express Car Wash

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my car washed?

This depends on several factors, including your travel or commute patterns, weather conditions, and where you park your vehicle. If your vehicle is exposed to corrosive materials on the road, such as sand and industrial fall out, we recommend the vehicle to be washed often. In general, it is advised to wash your vehicle as soon as it gets dirty.


Should I remain inside my vehicle during the car wash?

For your safety, we request all the drivers remain at the wheels and in their vehicles. Zip Thru Express Car Wash offers extensive lighting and clear glass windows to enhance your car washing experience. We create a comfortable, vast environment. Our friendly staff will guide you through the entire process and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If at any time the conveyor stops, please remain in your vehicle at all times. Our staff will take  care of you.

What type of payments do you accept?

Zip Thru Express Car Wash accepts

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Amex

Do you clean the inside of a car?

Our car washes are offered as an ‘exterior-only’ service. We do have a free vacuum facility and free floor mat washers for you to use them as needed to keep your car interior clean.

Do you wash pick-up trucks?

Yes, we do wash pickup trucks. Pickup bed should be empty and clear of any debris before your vehicle goes through the wash. Tow hitches should be removed before entering the car wash facility.

I have a bug shield or bike rack, etc. Is it safe?

Here is the list of vehicles we do NOT allow into the car wash. Vehicles with

  • Extended Grill at the front of the vehicle
  • Ladder rack
  • Bike racks
  • Exposed spare tire on the vehicle.
  • Tow hitches
  • Any additional vehicle traits that we may not deem fit.

What are your hours?

To serve you better, we are open from 8 AM to 8 PM throughout the week.

Is it a touchless car wash?

No. Our wash facility is equipped with the state of the art equipment. One highlight of the equipment is the belt conveyor and soft brushes. Soft brushes are very gentle on the vehicle and enhance the cleaning process.

Is the Car Wash safe to use

Yes. We pride ourselves in having the state of the art car wash equipment in the bay area. We have belt conveyors that the vehicles load on to. The belt conveyor helps with safe loading of vehicles and does NOT scratch the rims of vehicles unlike older antiquated systems.

Our brushes are soft and very gentle on the vehicle and provide a complete clean.

I have purchased car wash service. Can I use Vacuum and Mat washer prior to washing my car?

No. We have no means to validate your purchase unless your vehicle is washed at our facility and hence we are not able to allow you to use our other services unless you wash.

Do I bring my own towels to wipe the vehicle?

Yes. The towels which we use to wipe the vehicles are only for our use.

Will tree sap be taken off in the wash process?

There is a big misunderstanding that tree sap will be removed as part of the cleaning process. Tree sap has glue like properties and hence cannot be removed unless you go to a full service wash facility and pay extra for the tree sap to be removed. Tree sap removal requires extra chemicals and manual skilled labor to do the extraction. Best way to keep tree sap off car is to avoid parking under the trees.

Will bird poop and bugs come off in the Car Wash?

Bird poop and bugs do normally come off the vehicle. However, if you leave them on your vehicle for long periods of time, it damages your vehicle and it is hard to come off. Hardened bird poop and hardened bugs do require manual labor to remove them. You may choose to remove these hardened contaminants off the car by soaking them and removing them after so as to not scratch paint. You may alternatively choose to use a full service wash facility to purchase a full service. All full services do remove bugs and bird poop as part of the basic service. Full service washes, soak these contaminents and use additional chemical and labor to remove them.

I see issues with my wash, what do I do?

Kindly contact a team member at the entrance of the car wash or a manager on the site and they would be glad to help you out.

We have several wash locations and we are the car wash experts and we pride in what we do, We will be glad to share our experience with you on different types of contaminants and issues that we see with different types of vehicles.

How do I load my vehicle onto the conveyor belt?

Here are the steps involved in loading the vehicle onto the conveyor belt

  • Once you are on the down ramp, the Greeter will ask you to put your vehicle in Neutral.
  • Leave your window rolled down till the attendant asks you to roll up the window. We need to be able to communicate while we work on loading your vehicle onto the conveyor.
  • Once you are in Neutral, roll down slowly as you ride on the brake.
  • Once your front wheel is loaded onto the conveyor, the attendant will ask you to press brake so that your vehicle comes to a complete stop.
  • Once your vehicle comes to a complete stop, the greeter will ask you to release all brakes so that the rear wheels of your vehicle can load on the conveyor as well.
  • Greeter will request you to roll up your window.

Do I stay in my vehicle at all times?

Yes. Kindly remain in your vehicle at all times for your own safety and keep all windows rolled up. There are times we may have to stop the conveyor to attend to a customer and hence the conveyor may stop at that time.

What is the maximum height of the vehicle?

Vehicles up to 7 feet and 4 inches are allowed at our facility.

What type of vehicles are not allowed?

Here is the list of vehicles we do NOT allow into the car wash. Vehicles with

  • Extended Grill at the front of the vehicle
  • Ladder rack
  • Bike racks
  • Exposed spare tire on the vehicle.
  • Tow hitches
  • Any additional vehicle traits that we may not deem fit.
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